Local Plan First Review - Saved Policies

The Gravesham Local Plan First Review was adopted in 1994. It contained a number of policies to help us make decisions on planning applications. In 2007, the government allowed us to save some of the adopted policies where they were relevant and up to date.

Many of the saved Local Plan First Review polices have since been deleted because they were no longer relevant or they have been replaced with more up to date policies in the Local Plan Core Strategy (11 MB). The remaining saved policies are still used when we determine planning applications.

Saved and deleted policies

We have prepared a version of the adopted Gravesham Local Plan First Review to show the saved policies and deleted policies. You can download this by using the following link:

Local Plan Policies Map

The Gravesham, Local Plan First Review Proposals Map (1994) has been replaced with the Gravesham Local Plan Core Strategy Policies Map (2014). The Policies Map includes the allocations for all the saved policies in the Gravesham Local Plan First Review. You can download this by using the following link:

Please note that the introduction of new housing technical standards means that we need to interpret saved policies H5 and AP10 in accordance with the new standards. You can view the implications in our Housing Standards Policy Statement.

Further information

If you'd like further advice or information, please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01474 33 76 03 or email planning.policy@gravesham.gov.uk