Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to report a crime but I don’t want to give my name. Can I do this?

Yes. In an emergency always call 999 and in non-emergency situations contact the Police using 101. Whilst we would encourage you to provide your details (Police investigations can be made more difficult without them), the most important thing is to report the incident. If you would rather not speak to the Police, you can still report a crime anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 who will then make sure the information reaches the right Police department.

Where can I get crime prevention advice?

You can contact your local Police Station direct or view Kent Police's crime prevention advice page where you can find lots of information about steps you can take to protect yourself and your property.

How can I find out about my local Neighbourhood Watch or how to set one up?

The Kent Police website provides details of Neighbourhood Watches in the area and explains a little about what they do. Please visit Kent Police advice page for more information and to check whether there is already an active Watch in your area that you can join.

How can I report fly-tipping and what should I do if I witness it happening?

The Council takes fly-tipping very seriously and now has an Environmental Enforcement Team that investigates incidents and takes formal action against offenders where possible and if appropriate. If you witness fly-tipping happening, take a note of the registration number, colour,  make and model of the vehicle involved if possible. Do not tackle the offender yourself but report it to the Team online.

I keep seeing suspicious behaviour on the street that I think is drug dealing – who should I report it to?

Drug dealing is a criminal activity and as such it should be reported to Kent Police. Try to make a note of as many details as possible e.g. if the dealing repeatedly happens at particular times, descriptions of any vehicles and individuals that are involved etc. You can then report the incidents/s to Kent Police on 101 or use the 101 online reporting form on the Kent Police website.

What steps do I need to take if I am thinking about gating an alleyway?

What you will need to do will depend on whether the alleyway is privately owned or owned by Gravesham Borough Council or by Kent County Council.

If the alleyway is privately owned

Gating will need to be arranged independently by the residents concerned. Privately owned alleyways are usually marked or reference made to them on the title deeds of the properties adjoining it or whose rear gardens/sheds/garages may be accessed via the alleyway.

It is recommended that you provide all the residents and legitimate users of the alleyway with a formal written consultation (e.g. a letter) that explains why you would like to gate the alleyway.

Keep a record of the letters sent and to whom.

The letter should ask the residents to confirm whether they are in agreement with the gating – again, keep a record of the responses received.

If residents and other occupants of adjoining properties who currently use the alleyway e.g. to access garages, are all in agreement for the gating to go ahead, this will now need to be formalised through legal arrangements.

Contact our Planning Department to check whether or not you need to make a formal planning application as this may be necessary depending on the height/type of gating that you would like to install

Contact Kent Fire & Rescue Service to make sure that any fire exits and fire regulations are not being compromised if the alleyway is gated. (The Fire Service has a Community Safety Team that is generally able to advise – details will be on the Kent Fire and Rescue Service website.

There has to be unanimous approval for the gating from those residents who will be affected – should any of them oppose it, it will be difficult to achieve.

All the residents involved will need to reach agreement on the type of gating, type of lock e.g. whether key or key pad, whether access points will be locked at all times or only between certain times and the costs.

PLEASE NOTE: The Council does not have funding to support gating schemes and if the alleyway is privately owned all arrangements will need to be made and costs met by residents themselves.

If the alleyway is owned by Gravesham Borough Council

Whilst the Council does not have financial resources to gate alleyways please still report any particular problems to us by contacting the Council’s Customer Services Team on: Tel. 01474 33 70 00 or by emailing:

If the alleyway is owned by Kent County Council

The alleyway may be a public right of way therefore, please contact Kent County Council directly on Tel. 03000 41 41 41 or visit their website.