The Community Trigger

The Community Trigger is to encourage us, Kent Police and other relevant bodies to work together to deal with serious and persistent cases of ASB.

It’s also a way of checking whether any more actions are needed to deal with a problem.

In order to activate the Community Trigger so that we can intervene and help you, you must have reported at least three separate incidents of ASB to us or to Kent Police or, if you’re a Housing Association tenant, to your landlord, in the last six months. Each incident needs to have been reported within one month of the incident having taken place.

I've reported less than three separate incidents

Please refer to our useful 'Who Do I Call?' guide to find out the best department to contact.

I've reported at least three separate incidents

Please use our online form to activate the Community Trigger.

Once the Community Trigger has been activated your application will be reviewed by the relevant agencies involved in your case and you will be told whether your case meets the Community Trigger criteria. If it doesn’t, you may be given advice on what else you can do. If it does meet the criteria, the relevant agencies will carry out a review of your case. They will consider the actions that have already been taken and whether further actions are felt necessary. You will be allocated one person as your point of contact and they will be able to keep you updated on your Community Trigger application, the outcome of the review and any recommendations for future action that have been made.