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End of pest control referral service

From 4:30pm Friday 3 February 2023 the Pest Control Referral Service will no longer be available. Should you wish to benefit from the prices offered by the referral service please ensure that you submit your referral before this time.

The Rat and Mouse treatment service we offer includes:

  • Up to three visits, if necessary. This is carried out by a qualified British Pest Control Association approved pest technician.
  • Laying of poison bait safely and as necessary
  • Advice on pest proofing and waste/food storage as appropriate, as well as bait safety information.

If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit or Council Tax benefit from Gravesham Borough Council you may be entitled to a concessionary rate for rat and mouse treatments at your home.

If you are not in receipt of the relevant benefit but someone living at the property does satisfy criteria for a concessionary rate, you will need to get them to fill in the request form.

The service does not include:

  • Emergency Treatments e.g. Same day and weekend visits.  If you require a weekend visit and/or quicker first visit than Monitor can provide then you are advised to contact other Pest Control Contractors who may be able to provide that service.  These can be found on the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).
  • The use of traps and sticky boards.
  • Communal areas such as shared stairwells, shared gardens, corridors and alleyways.
  • If rodents are within the voids between walls and/or ceilings and there isn't access to lay bait (for example holes/gaps in the wall/ceiling) the pest technician will not create an access point. This would be your responsibility or your landlord's, and, if necessary, should be done before the pest technician visits.
  • Animal enclosures such as kennels, stables, chicken coops.
  • Commercial/business premises will not be entitled to the standard rate below, however may still be referred for a quote.
  • The treatment of properties outside of the Gravesham Borough.
  • Large gardens, grounds or estates. Only normal sized gardens are treated for the standard and concessionary rates below. You may still be referred for a quote for the treatment of large gardens.

Residents in receipt of Housing or Council Tax Benefits from other councils are not eligible for the concessionary rate, this is because the record of your benefit is not included on our database.

Please contact the council who pays your benefits to find out if they have a similar arrangement for concessionary fees for pest control which you can arrange through them.

What you need to do:

  • It is your responsibility to make sure the pest technician has safe access to the affected areas. This includes clearing away clutter in areas of activity for better access, and ensuring dogs and/or young children are supervised during the visit. Loft spaces without boarded floors won't be accessed beyond the inspection hatch.
  • A safe ladder to access the loft, if necessary, must be available
  • You must read and follow all the safety instructions for the poison bait which will be provided in a leaflet by the pest technician on their first visit.

While the pest technician will lay bait in a safe fashion with your agreement, it's also your responsibility to ensure that pets and children don't get near the bait, and that you do not relocate the bait without the pest technician's agreement.

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