Supplementary planning guidance

Policies in the Local Plan Core Strategy and saved policies in the Gravesham Local Plan First Review help guide development in the Borough. They provide a consistent basis for making decisions on planning applications.

Additionally, we have adopted supplementary planning guidance. These are material considerations which will be taken into account when making planning decisions.

We also provide informal guidance to advise you of the things you should take into account when making a planning application.

Housing Standards Policy

The introduction of new housing technical standards on 1 October 2015 means that we needed to review the 1996 Residential Layout Guidelines July in accordance with the new standards.

View the Residential layout guidelines (including Housing Standards Policy Statement)

Windows and Doors Guidance

Supplementary planning guidance was adopted by the Council on the 29 June 2020 for the maintenance/replacement of windows and doors in Conservation Areas.

Read the Conservation Areas Maintenance / Replacement Windows and Doors Guidance SPD

Extending/altering your home

The Householder Extensions/Alterations Design Guide SPD was adopted in January 2021.

Read the Householder Extensions/Alterations Design Guide

Conservation Area Appraisals

There are 23 conservation areas in the Borough. Conservation Area Appraisals and a Management Plan have been prepared for each of these areas. These will be taken into account when considering planning applications within and adjacent to these areas. View the conservation appraisals and maps.

Kent County Council Supplementary Guidance

We have adopted the following documents produced by Kent County Council as supplementary planning guidance:

Kent Downs AONB Management Plan

There is a Management Plan for the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which sets out a clear vision, aims and policies for the conservation, management and enhancement of the AONB and its setting up to 2019. We have adopted this document to fulfil our duty under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act., as have all the other local authorities which have the AONB in their area.