We supply bins for your rubbish, recycling, food waste and, for a small fee, garden waste.

You can order new, extra or replacement bins using our online form. Use our online form if:

  • You want to order a replacement bin(s) if yours has been damaged, lost or stolen
  • You would like to order an extra bin for your recycling and/or food waste (outdoor bin only)
  • You have moved into a property and only some of the bins have been left by the previous resident

If you would like to order an additional garden waste bin or garden sacks then you will need to buy them. Visit our garden waste collection page for more information


If you are still using sacks, you can request a delivery using the form below.

It can take up to ten working days for your sacks to be delivered. Before sending them out we'll also check your address against our system to make sure you are entitled to sacks and that you're not using bins.