Replacement bin request

There could be a variety of reasons why you require a replacement bin for your property ranging from:

  • Damaged or stolen bin
  • Moved into a property with no bins
  • Moved into a new build property
  • Additional recycling bins
  • The bin was damaged during collection or went into the back of the bin lorry

Depending on the reason for the request for a replacement bin there may be a charge that will need to be paid at the time of the request before the item will be arranged for delivery.

The charge is a contribution towards the overall cost of the bin, administration, delivery and, where necessary, the removal of the damaged bin.

You can also purchase additional recycling bins if required and these will all be emptied as long as they do not contain business waste or contaminated recycling. However, we will only empty one black rubbish bin from each property and we will not collect waste left beside it.

The charges are as follows:

Bin Type

Charge (If Applicable)

180-litre Refuse


240-litre Recycling


23-litre Food Bin (Orange Lid)

No Charge

When we will replace for free

If the bin:

  • has gone into the back of the collection vehicle
  • Is damaged during the collection process
  • has been stolen (you will need to provide a crime reference number)
  • is a black and orange food bin

How to order

You will need to tell us your address along with contact details, select the reason why you require a replacement bin, select which bin you require and pay any relevant costs applicable.

When a replacement bin is delivered we will remove the damaged bin. Please leave it at the front of your property so we can pick it up.

Order a bin

What happens next?

Once the form and any appropriate payment has been made and submitted then the requested bin should be delivered to the property within 10-working days.

If you've told us your bin is damaged and you want a replacement, you'll need to leave it at the boundary of your property for collection until the new one is delivered.

Please note that the Waste Management Team may need to contact you if they have any queries regarding your request.

We would recommend that you number/label your bin, so it is harder for people to steal.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you are still using sacks, you can request a delivery using the form below.

Order sacks

It can take up to ten working days for your sacks to be delivered. Before sending them out we'll also check your address against our system to make sure you are entitled to sacks and that you're not using bins.