Councillors and meetings

Find out more information about the councillors and meetings in Gravesham.

Elections and voting

Find out how to register to vote, change your details on the electoral register, and view historical election results.

Have your say

The latest planning application notices and public licence notices are displayed in this section, along with current consultations.

Policies, strategies and open data

Our policies, strategies, registers and open data are all available in this section.

Budgets, audits and accounts

Our Financial Services department ensures sound financial monitoring of our budgets are in place.

Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information Act gives you the right to access recorded information held by public sector organisations.


Fraud is a criminal offence. Our Anti-Fraud and Corruption Strategy is designed to prevent fraud, promote detection and support investigation.

Climate Change

Find out how we tackle Climate Change.

Gravesham Gateway

Gravesham Gateway is where you can access a wide range of public and voluntary services under one roof.

Greater North Kent

We work in partnership to promote greater prosperity, opportunity and quality of life in North Kent.

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