Supporting Ukraine: For the latest information on how you can support Ukrainian nationals.

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Keeping Gravesham safe

Find information on domestic abuse, CCTV, anti-social behaviour and more.

Elderly residents

In this section you will find helpful information for elderly residents on financial support, local care providers and relevant services.

Deaths and funerals

Find information on how to register a death, cemetery charges, grave maintenance, crematoriums and more.

Grants and funding

There are a range of grants and funding available for residents and businesses when there is a genuine need.

Armed Forces Community Covenant

Find out about the Armed Forced Community Covenant.

Community centre

Find out information about the community centre and how to book it.

Community powers

Find out how to use our Community Right to Bid and Community Right to Challenge services.

Community toilet scheme

Check our Community Toilet Scheme map and guide below to find locations involved in the scheme.