If you have rubbish or waste which cannot be collected with your household collection service, you must ensure it is disposed of safely and responsibly. There are a number of ways you can get rid of items, for example, you can donate your items or take them to the tip.

Unwanted furniture and other items often end up being thrown away when most of them could have been donated and reused by someone in need. 

Donate your items to charity

Did you know you can donate your unwanted furniture and electrical items? Here's a selection of charities that will take your items and some will even collect your items for free:

Pepperhill tip

You can take your unwanted items to the Pepperhill Household Waste and Recycling Centre run by Kent County Council (KCC).

You can visit their website to see what items you can take to the tip. You will need to book a slot online via KCC website before you visit. 

Paying someone to take your rubbish away

It is your duty to ensure rubbish and waste is disposed of safely and responsibly.

Before you allow anyone to remove your rubbish or waste, you must ensure they that they are registered as a Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency

Do not use unlicensed waste collection services. Be especially careful of those that advertise on social media for cheap prices. Some may be legitimate businesses, but others are not.

Never advertise on social media for a waste carrier. Many responses will be from illegitimate carriers and result in your rubbish being fly-tipped. Always research the company or individual you use and do not rely on positive feedback, as this may be false.

If you use an unlicensed waste removal service you commit a criminal offence and you could face a £400 fine or be prosecuted at Criminal Court, where you could receive an unlimited fine and a criminal record. 

Pay for a bulky waste collection

We can take away large items, like white goods or furniture, for a fee.


Standard items (for example, a chair or two seater sofa) are charged at £30 for up to four items. 

Fridges and freezers are charged at £20 per item.  Metal items, such as microwaves, tumble dryers and dishwasher are charged at £13 for up to three items.

Find out more and how to book a bulky waste collection.