Facts and figures


We have a resident population of 106,900 (2020 mid-year estimate Census) with 80% of these people living within the urban area of Gravesend and Northfleet. The Borough’s population is growing and with new residential investments underway and in the pipeline, is projected to grow steadily in the coming years.

In 2020, the working age population (16-64 year olds) was approximately 65,000.

Jobs and Pay

There are approximately 33,000 employee jobs in our borough and according to the 2011 census, around 1 in 5 of the total workforce commuted to London.

In 2011, however, High Speed One rail services to London had only been operational for two years and outward commuting has increased since. More recently, research suggests that more people are working from home and this trend has accelerated considerably since 2020.

Average weekly full time earnings (workplace-based) in Gravesham, were £610.60 in 2021 (Source: ONS Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings) which was the second highest of all Kent authority areas, though lower than the South East average.  


Gravesham has a strong local business base of 4,115 enterprises (2021) 90% of which are businesses employing less than 10 people. Complementing the sizeable national and international firms that are located within the borough, such as Moove Lubricants Limited, Kimberly Clark, Rodenstock, and Britannia Refined Metals (part of Glencore), the presence of smaller businesses gives strength to and underpins the local economy and reflects Gravesham's attractiveness as a place for enterprise.

The Council is committed to actively supporting business and enterprise. We currently have 500 members in our local business networking and support group - Gravesham Business Network. The idea of the group is primarily to stimulate local ‘business to business’ collaborations and to enable the promotion of member services. Along with our partners, we use the network to inform members of business support workshops, networking opportunities and news of local investments, developments and potential contract opportunities. 

Our economic development team run free business networking events on a quarterly basis which typically attract 40-60 attendees.

Average Commercial Rents in Gravesham

Office £125 per metre square (prime)

Industrial £114 per metre square (prime)

Retail £460 per metre square (prime)

(Source: Kent Property Market Report 2021)

Average House Prices in Gravesham

Detached £670,000

Semi £389,000

Terraced £300,000

Flat £179,000

(Source: HM Land Registry December 2022)