As well as our car parks, there are several on-street locations in the vicinity of the town centre that offer short stay pay and display parking for a maximum of up to two hours.

Payment can be made via cash at the pay and display machines or cashless parking payments can be made via RingGo.

Where can you park?

On-street pay and display parking is offered in the following roads:

Road RingGo location code
Berkley Road 36714
Bernard Street 36715
Clifton Road 36713
Cobham Street 36707
Darnley Street 36708
Edwin Street 36719
Harmer Street 36722
Milton Place 36716
Overcliffe 36711
Peacock Street* 36720
Saddington Street 36718
St James Road 36709
St James Street 36710
Stuart Road 36712
The Grove* 36721
Wellington Street* 36717

*sections of the road only, please refer to parking signs.

Charges apply between the hours of 8:00am – 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday. There is a maximum stay period of two hours and a no return for one hour rule in all of these locations. After the expiry of a pay and display ticket or RingGo session, the vehicle must leave the parking place – neither the pay and display machines or RingGo system will allow you to extend your parking until the one-hour no return rule has lapsed.

In most locations, outside the above charging hours there is a permit holder only restriction. Parking is not permitted during permit holders only times, unless with a valid permit. The signs on street will confirm any other restrictions outside the pay and display charging hours.

Pay and display tickets and RingGo sessions are only valid in the bays signposted and are not valid on any other restrictions such as single or double yellow lines etc.


There is a minimum charge of 70p for up to 30 minutes, then linear charging of 2p per minute (rounded to the nearest 5p) up to a maximum of 2 hours for £2.50. Some examples are below.

Tariff Charge

Up to 30 minutes


Up to 1 hour


Up to 1 hour 30 minutes


Up to 2 hours


How to pay

All on-street pay and display areas are pay on arrival using;

  • Coins at the ticket machines (no change given)
  • RingGo

For information on RingGo, please visit our RingGo page. The RingGo location codes are provided above and are also displayed on the pay and display machines in each location.