What does my Council Tax pay for?

We understand that a large proportion of your money will go on Council Tax, so we want to share openly how we spend your contributions. 

How is my Council Tax shared out?

Although Gravesham Borough Council collects all your Council Tax it only retains 11%. The remainder is split over the following authorities: 

  • Kent County Council (73.5%)
  • The Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent (11.3%)
  • Kent Fire and Rescue (4.2%)

If you live in an area with a parish council, it too will provide some local services.

How is my Council Tax spent?

Council Tax is spent to deliver a wide range of services, of which the more significant ones are set out below.  For more information please see our civil budget book for 2021-22.

Gravesham Borough Council

  • Waste and recycling collections
  • Street cleaning
  • Housing Services and housing benefits
  • Planning
  • Parks, open spaces, play areas
  • Environmental health and licensing
  • Supporting the local economy
  • Leisure facilities
  • Community safety

Kent County Council

  • Social care and health
  • Education, children and families
  • Fire and rescue
  • Roads and travel
  • Libraries
  • Leisure, recreation and community
  • Registrar services

Information about Kent County Council's finances

Kent Police Crime Commissioner

  • Local policing services
  • Crime prevention
  • Access to justice
  • Victim support and protection

Information about Kent Police finances

Kent Fire & Rescue Services

  • Fire services including staff
  • Support services to South East Coast Ambulance Service
  • Safe and Well home visits
  • Maintaining 56 fire stations across the county

Information about Kent Fire & Rescue Service's finances

Parish Councils

  • Community centres
  • Community events
  • Planning consultation
  • Parks, open spaces and recreation
  • Bus shelters, litter bins, street cleaning

Our 2021/22 budget

Your Council Tax makes up 67% of Gravesham Borough Council's overall income, and contributes to our budget for 2021/22.

The other funding is made up from

  • Baseline Business Rates - core central Government funding 
  • Investments and Investment Property
  • New homes bonus

For more information on how our budget is spent, please see our civil budget book for 2021-22.