Normally only awarded to local people who have, in the council's opinion, rendered eminent services to the Borough, the Freemen of the Borough title does not convey any legal rights or responsibilities, but is an honorary position.

Past Freemen

Past Freeman
Name Date made Honorary Freeman
The late Mr. Ernest J.J.C Rouse MBE 20 April 1982
The late Mr. Frank Gibson OBE 16 May 1995
The late Mr. Frank Marven MBE 15 May 2007
The late Mr. William G. Dyke 10 May 2016
The late Mr. Colin W. Caller 16 May 2019
The late Mrs. Patricia Oakeshott 14 May 2013
The late Mrs. Bronwen A. McGarrity 12 Dec 2019

Aldermen of the Borough

The title of Honorary Alderman of the Borough may be conferred on persons who have, in the council’s opinion, rendered eminent services to the council as a past member.

Alderman of the Borough
Name Date made Honorary Alderman
The late Mr. Charles A. White J.P 1983
The late Mr. Walter Cook 16 May 1995
Lesley B. Boycott 12 December 2019
Greta Goatley 12 December 2019
David J.P. Hurley 12 December 2019
William A. Lambert MBE, TD 12 December 2019
Sara J. Langdale 12 December 2019