Further details

Our ability to charge for services we provide falls into three categories:

  • Statutory prohibition on charging - Local authorities must provide such services free of charge at the point of service. Generally these are services which the authority has a duty to provide. (For example household waste collection).
  • Statutory charges - Charges are set nationally and local authorities have little or no opportunity to control such charges (for example, most planning fees).
  • Discretionary services - Local authorities can make their own decisions on setting such charges. Generally these are services that an authority can provide but is not obliged to provide. (For example car park charges).

The following document displays most of the discretionary fees and charges made by us for services in the following areas. It excludes some internal trading ventures where goods and services are provided and prices are clear at the point of sale (for example, bar and café facilities or shop brought goods).

  • Blake Gallery
  • Car Parks
  • Cemeteries and Burials
  • Committee Room Hire
  • Land Charges
  • Pre-application Planning Advice
  • Regulatory Services
  • Sports and Leisure
  • The Woodville