2023 Canvass

From 5 July 2023, we will be sending emails to respond to the canvass.

The easiest and quickest way to respond is online. It only takes a few minutes and once you have responded you can destroy the paper form we sent you.

Respond to the canvass

Every year we undertake an annual canvass to update the Register of Electors. This takes place between July and November. Once complete, a revised Register of Electors is published.

During the annual canvass we send canvass communications to every residential property, to collect information about who lives at a property so that we know who is eligible to register to vote.

Do I have to respond?

This now depends on your circumstances. Read the form or email you have received carefully, it will state if you need to reply or not.

For every new person added, we will send an invitation to register, to those who are eligible to vote. 

It is a legal requirement to be registered to vote under Section 5 of the Electoral Administration Act 2013. Once you have returned your canvass form, we will issue an invitation to register for anyone newly added.

When do I need to respond by?

The earlier you respond the better.

Properties where a response is required will begin to receive reminders from September. Reminders will be in the form of: letters, emails, telephone calls or even a personal visit to your property.

Who is eligible to register?

You can register to vote if you are:

  • 16 years old or over (you can only vote when you are 18)
  • a British, Irish, qualifying Commonwealth* or European Union citizen** who is resident in the UK


* To qualify, Commonwealth citizens must be resident in the UK and either have leave to enter or remain in the UK or not require such leave.

** Citizens of the European Union (who are not Commonwealth citizens or citizens of the Republic of Ireland) are not able to vote in UK Parliamentary general elections and cannot vote in all referendums. 

Why do you want my email and phone number?

We will use this to contact you if we have any queries about your registration. This is really helpful to us as otherwise we have to send you letters in the post which can make the registration process longer. We will only use your email and phone number to contact you about voter registration or election matters. We won't give it to anyone else, or use it for any other purpose.