Credit reference agencies

The Electoral Register can be used by credit reference agencies to confirm your identity.

If you have a query regarding a credit report, or wish to receive confirmation that you're registered to vote, please consult our frequently asked questions.

My credit report says I'm not on the Electoral Register

There could be a number of reasons why this is the case:

  • You're not registered to vote
  • You've recently applied and are currently waiting to be added to the register. You will have received a confirmation letter from us showing the date you will be added to the register.
  • The credit reference agencies have not yet updated their records.
  • Your details may appear different on the register. For example, a misspelt name or address.

I've recently registered to vote. When will I be added to the register?

The Electoral Register is updated on a monthly basis, usually on the first working day of the month, and these dates are laid down in law. To be included in an update you would need to register to vote at least three to four weeks beforehand. It is not possible to backdate your registration.

There are three additional updates in April if an election is called. These dates can vary.

There are also a couple of months (normally October and November) when there are no monthly updates. This is when we carry out an annual canvass of all properties in the borough to check that the household information we have is correct. A new electoral register is normally published on 1 December each year and the credit reference agencies receive a copy of this.

If I join the Open Register, does it help my credit report?

No. The open register is simply an extract of the full register and can be bought by any person, company or organisation. Credit reference agencies are entitled to the full register, so being on the open register as well does not make a difference to your credit rating.

I need confirmation that I'm registered to vote

We won't contact credit reference agencies on your behalf but we can provide you with confirmation that you're registered to vote.

Confirmation can be provided by emailing, or you can request a confirmation letter to be sent in the post.