This area of our website contains information which may be useful to potential candidates and members of the public regarding the election process, the role of MPs, relevant key documents, and information for prospective candidates.

What is a UK Parliamentary General Election?

The UK Parliamentary General Election is held to elect representatives to UK Parliament. These representatives are called Members of Parliament (MPs).

For the Parliamentary election, the country is split into constituencies and each constituency elects one representative. Different candidates stand for election in each constituency across the country, so each constituency has its own ballot paper with its own choice of candidates on. The leaders of the main parties do not appear on the ballot paper in every constituency.

Voters in the Gravesham Borough Council area will be voting to elect an MP for the Gravesham constituency.

When is the next election?

The next UK Parliamentary General Election will take place on Thursday 4 July 2024.

Election timetable and notices

An election timetable can be downloaded from the Electoral Commission’s website.

Notices and statements below will be listed on our election notices page.

  • Notice of Election (Monday 3 June)
  • Notice of Election Agents (Friday 7 June at 4pm)
  • Statement of Persons Nominated including Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations (no later than Monday 10 June at 4pm)
  • Declaration of results (expected on Friday 5 July)