What to do

Postal voting and how to fill it all out

You can find out a postal voting quick start guide on the Electoral Commission website.

What to do at a polling station

Your allocated polling station, which is normally open from 7am to 10pm, will be written on your poll card. You can also find your polling station on the Where do I vote? website.

Polling stations are often located in schools, community halls or church halls but can be in other sites and may also involve the use of mobile units.

When you get to the polling station you'll need to tell the poll clerk, usually the person behind a desk as you enter the station, what your name is – they will then check your photo ID and give you everything you need to be able to vote.

Poll cards

If there's an upcoming election, we will send you a poll card to tell you when and where you can vote. The poll card is for information only. You don't need to take it to your polling station although it does speed things up if you do. If you lose your poll card and are unsure where you should vote call the election hotline 01474 337253.