Food safety inspections

We're responsible for a high standard of food safety and hygiene in the borough. We regularly inspect all the food businesses in Gravesham and, if necessary, we'll take legal action against those who have serious food hygiene problems.

We can investigate food complaints, complaints about premises, food safety, hygiene and suspected food poisoning.

We have a sampling policy and programme which focuses on relevant and current issues. We also provide information and advice on food safety to new and existing businesses and the public.

National Food Hygiene Rating

Local food businesses are inspected to make sure that all food handled and prepared is safe to eat.

After a premises has been inspected it is given a rating based on the findings of the inspection. The rating goes from zero (indicating that the business needs to improve their standards) to five (which will mean that consumers can be confident that high standards are being maintained).

You can view and search for places in Gravesham that have been given a rating on the Food Standards Agency website.

Three areas of the inspection are assessed having regard to food law:

  • Food hygiene
  • Structure and cleanliness
  • Confidence in management

The rating will not take into account the quality of food or service.

The businesses are asked to display their window sticker, this is normally on the door or in the front window.