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Recycling and reducing waste

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

2. Recycling contamination

Residents have a responsibility to dispose of waste correctly.

When too many non-recyclable or unclean items are placed in the recycling, it cannot be sorted and the entire load is sent to the energy from waste plant for incineration, rather than being sorted and sent for reprocessing into new materials and products. This process is more harmful to the environment and is an additional cost to local taxpayers.

For this reason, if you put incorrect items in your recycling bin or recycling sacks, the waste will not be taken and you will receive a yellow sticker telling you what to do.

If your recycling bin is contaminated we WON’T return to collect your recycling until your next collection day, even if you remove the incorrect items.

Please do not put these items in your recycling bin or clear recycling sack. For more information about what items to put in which bin, view our A-Z of waste and recycling.

What to do if you get a yellow sticker

If you see a yellow sticker on your bins or clear sacks you will need to remove the incorrect items listed before you put your recycling out on your next scheduled collection date. If necessary, please use cardboard boxes to store your excess recycling until the next collection.

If you live in a property with communal recycling bins, the managing agent of the building will be required to remove contamination from the recycling bins themselves.

If you present a contaminated recycling bin or sack for a second time within a 6 month period, you will receive another yellow sticker and a letter will be sent to your property to clearly explain the reason why your recycling was not collected.

After a third instance within a 6 month period, an officer will visit your property to assist you in understanding how to recycle correctly.

If a fourth instance of contamination occurs within a 6 month period and all reasonable steps have been taken to inform residents at the property about correct recycling, your recycling bin will be removed. We don’t want to do this as we want to help people to do the right thing and maximise the collection of recyclable material, which is good for the environment.

How to avoid a yellow sticker


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