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Council tax discounts

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

7. Students and apprentices


If you're a full-time student you won't need to pay council tax. This means you will not be included when we count the number of people at the address.

If you are a full-time student you can't be liable for the council tax at an address unless you are the only one at the address.

You'll need to fit one of these to qualify for an exemption:

  • You'll need to be doing a full-time course of education (minimum of 21 hours per week)
  • You'll need to be under 20 years old and doing a course of further education
  • You'll need to be a foreign language assistant
  • You'll need to be studying for an Open University degree

To reduce your council tax as a student we'll need to see proof of the details of the course you're enrolled on. This will usually be in the form of a 'student exemption certificate' which you can get from the educational body running the course. Unfortunately, a written offer of a place from the college or university, a notice of a grant award or a student union membership card is not enough for us to give a reduction.

If all the occupants at your address are disregarded as full time students we will apply an exemption to the council tax account.

If you are a student and eligible for a Council Tax disregard, please complete the council tax discount form which is available by accessing the online Council Tax account below.


If you're an apprentice, you might not need to pay council tax. This means you will not be included when we count the number of people at the address.

To be eligible for a disregard you will need to be earning no more than £195 per week.

Please note that if there are more than 2 adults (over 18) resident, no discount will be awarded if only 1 adult is disregarded.

If you think you qualify for an apprentice disregard, simply fill in our online form which is accessible from the Online Council Tax Account:


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