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Food safety and hygiene

Last updated on: 16-Oct-2020

2. New business advice

If you are thinking of opening a new food business in Gravesham there are a number of things you need to consider:

  • Manufacturing food - If the premises are to be used for the manufacturing of food made from products of animal origin - including meat, fish, eggs and dairy products - you may need to get approval from us before you commence trading. Contact us by emailing
  • Selling, preparing, storing or transportation of food - you will need to register with us. Please see our Registration section.
  • Training - You and your staff may need food hygiene training. Please see our Training page.
  • It is good practice to contact our Planning Department before you register a food business to ensure that the premises has the correct use class. You can get in contact by emailing
  • For further information on starting up a food business visit the Food Standards Agency for business guidance.


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