Housing and tenancy fraud

1. Overview

We have a limited number of homes available to let, so we have to make sure our homes go to those who are legally entitled to them.

If you're waiting for social housing you will have to wait even longer if homes are allocated to, or occupied by those who have no right to be there. 

If you commit housing or tenancy fraud you're depriving other people in genuine need from re-housing and cause direct losses to us. This is because we incur costs to house families in temporary accommodation that could otherwise have been rehoused.

How to report housing and tenancy fraud

Fraud hotline: 01634 332233

Email: investigation.team@medway.gov.uk

You don't need to leave your details when giving us the fraud information. If you do want to leave your details, they will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Once you've reported something to us we'll evaluate it to determine whether investigation is appropriate. The more information that we are given the better as this will make the evaluation more comprehensive and the more likely a successful outcome will be. We're not able to comment on ongoing investigations and due to Data Protection we are unable to give feedback on any reported allegations, so if you report a suspected fraud, we will not be able to update you on how an investigation is proceeding.