Saving money on your bills

Last updated on: 15-Jul-2021

1. Overview

There are a number of schemes available to help you save money on your gas and electric bills and to make your home warmer.

We know that many of our residents, especially those who are vulnerable and on low incomes face living in properties that are cold and not very energy efficient.

The average British household spends more than £1,000 a year on gas and electricity. Improving your home's energy efficiency can:

  • Save you up to 25% on energy bills
  • Reduce the risk of illnesses if your household has a family member who is very young or old
  • Reduce the effects of climate change
  • Reduce condensation (and subsequent mould growth) in your home

If you are considering some DIY or getting improvements made to your home, why not think about making energy efficiency improvements at the same time? It works out cheaper to do everything at once – and you'll save money on your energy bills too.

Here are a few websites that can help you save money on your energy bills:

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