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Knowledge Test

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

The Knowledge Test is the first step when applying for a driver licence.

Before applying to sit the test you need to make sure that you can fulfil all of the requirements to become a licensed driver. If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to view the requirements on the Hackney Carriage Driver Licence, Private Hire Driver Licence or Restricted Private Hire Driver Licence pages.

For detailed information about the test, including how to apply, please see below:

How much does it cost?

The cost is £67.

General information

  • You must be 21 years or older in order to apply.
  • Prospective driver licence applicants should not proceed with any of the application steps until they have passed the Knowledge Test. Doing so could lead to documentation expiring before the remaining application requirements are met. This will require new documents to be obtained which will delay the application process.
  • Spaces are available on a first come first serve basis upon receipt of a complete application and payment of the required fees.
  • Any number of tests may be taken. If you need to re-sit the test, you can make a booking using our online form.
  • There are no specimen tests to view or study. This is because we want our licensed drivers to have a genuine and thorough knowledge of the subject areas being tested and we do not consider this can be properly achieved or gauged where applicants are able to memorise a select number of questions and answers. We do however provide a guidance note, giving an overview of the content to assist applicants in preparing for the test.
  • Knowledge tests are generally held monthly, but may be held more or less frequently from time to time depending on demand and resources.
  • Any applicant who initially passes at restricted private hire, or private hire level can apply to re-sit the knowledge test to attempt to 'upgrade' to private hire or hackney carriage, as applicable.
  • All elements of the test are subject to ad-hoc variations.
  • All questions are held on a database and, unless otherwise stated within the test guidance, multiple choice and selected at random.
  • In the event of a technological fault which prevents the test from being taken, the test will be rescheduled at no extra charge to the applicant. This will be at our discretion.
  • All applicable modules of the test must be passed during a single attempt in order to obtain an overall pass.
  • The results are final and we will not enter into any discussion regarding the outcome of the test.
  • If an applicant is genuinely unable to complete the test on a computer due to documented medical reasons, special arrangements can be made for them to take an equivalent written test at our discretion.

Test guidance

  • The Driver Knowledge Test is a computer based, multiple choice test. For further details, including example questions and pass marks, view our Knowledge Test Guidance.
  • Applicants sitting the Private Hire and Hackney Carriage test will have 70 minutes to complete the test. Those sitting the Restricted Private Hire test will have 25 minutes. All tests take place at MidKent College, Medway Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 1FN. View on a map.
  • The nearest car park to the venue is Medway Park (leisure centre), Mill Road, Gillingham, ME7 1HL.
  • Tests start promptly at 1pm.
  • You must have arrived and signed in by no later than 12.45pm. If you arrive after this time, you will not be permitted to take the test and will need to arrange a re-sit on the next available date at a cost of £65.
  • Upon arrival, please register with the licensing officer in reception and collect a red lanyard.
  • To register, you will need to show your photographic ID, such as your DVLA licence or passport, to the officer. If you forget to bring your photographic ID, you will not be permitted to take the test and will need to arrange a re-sit on the next available date at a cost of £65.
  • All those sitting the test will be escorted to the test room.
  • From the moment you enter to when you leave this room test conditions are in place, therefore you must not speak to anyone but the officers and your phone must already be on silent or turned off.
  • There will be one question displayed per page. You will need to read all questions carefully then select the correct answer(s) from the options given using the mouse. No other computer skills are needed.
  • You will be able to go back through your answers within the set time.
  • A pen and paper will be provided for you to make notes with, but these will need to be handed in when you leave.
  • The invigilators will not be able to help you read the questions or answers, or to give any assistance with answering the questions. If you have any other queries or problems, please raise your hand and the invigilator will come over to assist you.

Make a booking

There are currently no test dates available to book. Please check back here periodically for new test dates

Change or cancel my booking

There are currently no scheduled Knowledge tests.

What happens after my test?

Results are sent to candidates via email, usually within five working days.

Candidates who pass will be able to progress their application by following the steps set out on the Hackney Carriage, Private Hire or Restricted Private Hire pages page depending on the type of licence you intend on applying for.

Candidates who do not achieve a pass can apply to re-sit the test using the online booking form found above.


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