Roads and street lighting

Last updated on: 19-Jul-2021

2. Road signs

We, along with Kent County Council are jointly responsible for the upkeep of road signs and road markings in the borough.

We are responsible for

  • Road name signs
  • Most signs which indicate limited parking places
  • Parking restriction signs
  • Road markings which relate to parking restrictions. For example school 'keep clear' markings
  • Resident disabled parking bays

Kent County Council is responsible for

  • Warning signs - to alert drivers of possible hazards on the road ahead such as a low bridge or a level crossing.
  • Regulatory signs - to let drivers know what traffic restrictions there are such as speed-limit signs.
  • Direction signs - to show how to get to a place.
  • Other information - signs for local facilities, such as recycling sites.
  • Road markings - such as centre lines and give way markings, pedestrian crossing markings and roundabout and traffic signal markings

For more information about the road signs that Kent County Council is responsible for and to report a problem, visit their website.


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