Street Fundraising (PRFA agreement)

Gravesham Borough Council has signed a new partnership agreement with the Public Fundraising Association (PFRA), to manage direct debit street fundraising in Gravesend town centre. By specifying when, where and how fundraisers can operate in the area, the agreement aims to ensure that the needs of charities to ask people for support are balanced against the rights of local residents not to be put under undue pressure to give.

The PFRA, a regulatory body for charities and agencies practising face to face fundraising, works in collaboration with the Fundraising Standards Board and the Institute of Fundraising to maintain professional fundraising standards on the high street.

Gravesham joins 90 other councils who have signed up to the PFRA agreement since it was first launched in response to local concerns. The Gravesham agreement sets out a dedicated zone in the town centre where face-to-face fundraising activity can take place and will take effect from Tuesday 1 July 2014. Zone 1 - Pedestrianized area of New Road between Garrick Street and Stone Street, with fundraisers to remain within the central roadway, indicated by the smaller, square, coloured paving.

The number of fundraisers is limited to four and they will only be allowed to fundraise on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 09:00 and 19:00. No face to face fundraising will be permitted in the town centre at weekends or evenings after 19:00. Stephen Service, Outreach officer for the PFRA said: “This new agreement between Gravesham and the PFRA signals a closer working relationship between the council and charities which will offer a more transparent, effective and accountable way of addressing local concerns about fundraising activities.

“Charities are an important part of every community and want to work with residents and businesses in highlighting their cause. We are delighted to be helping the council ensure Gravesend town centre remains thriving for local people and retailers.”