Licensing Committee

A Licensing Committee is formed of 15 Councillors, and meets several times per year. They are responsible for carrying out our licensing responsibilities.

Licensing Panel

A Licensing Panel consists of three members, formed from our Licensing Committee.

The panel is responsible for considering applications for licences, and also representations made by the public or responsible authorities.

In making decisions about applications, and relevant representations, the panel will take into account the licensing objectives set out in the Licensing Act, our Statement of Licensing Policy, and also guidance given by the Secretary of State.

Medway Council's Statement of Licensing Policy

Notices will be sent to each party informing them of the date of the hearing and the procedures that will be followed. The applicant for the licence and any objectors (plus their representatives) will be able to address the Licensing Panel before any decision is made. Even if you can't attend the hearing the Licensing Panel will still be able to consider your written representation.

The Licensing Panel will consider the arguments of all sides and reach its conclusion. You should note that any aggrieved party has the right of appeal to magistrates' court.

For further advice and guidance please contact the licensing team by emailing