When do we consider a vehicle abandoned?

We will only investigate a vehicle reported as abandoned when it has been in the same location for at least 21 days.

If a vehicle is road legal, is parked on the public highway and the owner tells us that it's not abandoned, we have no power to remove the vehicle.

We can only remove an abandoned vehicle if it has no known owner.

These are some of the things that may indicate a vehicle is abandoned:

  • Broken lights
  • Broken window(s)
  • Fire damage
  • Flat tyre(s)
  • Fuel cap missing
  • Leaking fluid
  • Left in a dangerous position
  • Missing wheels
  • Mould in the vehicle
  • Panel damage
  • Parts missing
  • Rubbish in the vehicle
  • Sharp edges
  • Vegetation in the vehicle

When we are not responsible

Some issues with vehicles are dealt with by different agencies. Please read the following information to determine who you should contact.

Vehicles causing an obstruction or in a dangerous position

If a vehicle is causing an obstruction or is parked dangerously you need to report it to the Police on 101.

The Police have the power to immediately remove any vehicle which is causing an obstruction or likely to cause danger.

Vehicles believed to be stolen or used in crime

These should be reported to Kent Police on 101.

Vehicles contravening parking restrictions

If a vehicle is contravening parking restrictions it is not necessarily abandoned.

Untaxed vehicles / vehicles registered as SORN

If a vehicle is untaxed or registered as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) but parked on a public road, you need to report it online to GOV.UK – Report an untaxed vehicle.

The DVLA are responsible for all enforcement action regarding untaxed vehicles. They have the power to remove vehicles that are untaxed or SORN.

Report an abandoned vehicle

You can report an abandoned vehicle to us using our online form.

An officer will inspect the vehicle within 15 working days and if deemed as abandoned, depending on its condition, we can issue three types of notices of removal:

  • 24-hour notice - if vehicle is liable to cause immediate danger
  • 7-day notice - vehicles not causing immediate danger but parked on Public Highway
  • 15-day notice - vehicles not causing immediate danger but parked on Private Property

These notices will give the owner of the vehicle that period to remove it. If it is not removed by the expiry date/time of the notice we will instruct our contractor to remove the vehicle.