Blue Badge Holder parking in our car parks

We have two car park types, pay & display car parks and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) car parks. Whilst we offer free parking for Blue Badge holders in both car park types, the process for obtaining free parking differs between the two types. In both cases, the Blue Badge must always be displayed when parking.

ANPR Car Parks

  • Rathmore Road ANPR Car Park
  • Parrock Street ANPR Car Park
  • Milton Place & Ordnance Road ANPR Car Park

In our ANPR Car Parks, you must register your Blue Badge with us to be able to exit the car park free of charge.

To register your Blue Badge you will need:

  • Your vehicle details
  • A scan/photo of the photo side of your Blue Badge to upload as part of the process
  • A valid email address to receive communication from GBC Parking Services regarding your request (an email application confirmation, email updates on your request and reminders)

All requests must be made in the badge holders name, regardless of whether they are the driver or registering a relatives/carers vehicle. If there are any discrepancies between the details entered on the application and those shown on the Blue Badge, the request will be declined and a new request will need to be made with the correct details.

You can register two vehicles per Blue Badge but only one vehicle can benefit from free parking at one time*. For example, if one of the vehicles registered against the blue badge enters an ANPR car park this vehicle will receive the blue badge free parking concession.  If the second vehicle registered against the badge enters an ANPR car park whilst the first vehicle is parked, then this vehicle will have to pay for the parking stay (the barrier will not open unless payment has been made) as only one vehicle can get free parking at a time. Please be reminded the Blue Badge must always be displayed when parking.

We aim to process all requests within two working days. The standard parking charges will apply until you have email confirmation that your request has been approved.

Registering your Blue Badge does not remove the need to display the badge, the registration is purely for the purpose of the ANPR barriers. Our Civil Enforcement Officers still patrol our ANPR car parks, and they will need to see that vehicles have a valid Blue Badge displayed. Failure to display the valid Blue Badge when parking may result in a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) being issued.

What happens after a request is approved?

Once you have confirmation that your request has been approved, simply enter the car park and park as normal and display the Blue Badge. The ANPR systems will recognise that the vehicle is linked to a Blue Badge when you enter the car park. When leaving the car park, approach the exit barrier and the ANPR systems will recognise that the vehicle is linked to a Blue Badge and the barrier will open allowing the vehicle to exit without payment.

The registration will last until the expiry of the Blue Badge. You will need to submit a new request when your Blue Badge expires with your new badge details.

If you change your vehicle, you will need to submit a new request for your new vehicle. We will cancel the old registration.

Pay & Display Car Parks

  • West Street Pay & Display Car Park
  • Gurdwara Pay & Display Car Park

In our pay & display car parks, simply park in any parking bay and display your blue badge. The blue badge must always be displayed when parking.

*If you have exceptional circumstances where you may need to register more than two vehicles, you will need to contact us on, explaining your personal circumstances, how many vehicles you need to register and the reasons for this. We will then review your circumstances before providing further advice. You may be asked to provide evidence to support your request for full consideration to be given.