The government has extended the terms of some premises licences that only permit the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises.

The extension will allow the sale of alcohol for consumption off the premises. This is an off-sale.

This will make it easier for businesses to make use of outdoor space for dining and the sale of alcohol.

What you need to consider

Your premises must be covered by a Premises Licence under the Licensing Act 2003.

If your premises is covered by a Club Premises Certificate, you’re not permitted to take up this temporary provision.

You can only submit a notification if your premises held a Premises Licence on or before 22 July 2020

Business and Planning Act 2020

The temporary extension to allow off-sales will be valid without you having to apply to change your licence, if:

  • your licence does not include restrictions around off-sales
  • your businesses take the necessary steps

This temporary extension is valid until 31 March 2025.


The temporary extension won't apply to your premises if we have reviewed your licence in the last three years and have added conditions around off-sales.

The cut-off time for off-sales is 23:00, unless there is a closure time of an existing outside area. If that time is earlier, that cut off time will apply.

How to start making off-sales

To start making off-sales, you must:

  • notify us
  • prepare a Section 172F Statement. This sets out your intention that you are using the provisions of the new Act
  • display a copy of the Section 172F Statement alongside the Premises Licence

If you want to start making off-sales, you must first notify us. Please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

You do not need to wait for us to acknowledge your request, you can start making off-sales straight away.

What you can't do

Under the temporary extension, you can't:

  • sell alcohol outside the red line on the plans that go with your licence. You would need to apply to vary your existing licence
  • build an extra structure to sell alcohol, either within or outside the red line

Failing to comply

If you don't follow the guidance and that affects the licensing objectives, we can request a review of the licence.

We may put temporary measures in place or amend conditions, ahead of a full review within 28 days.

The review will only relate to issues around providing off-sales.

For further information please visit the GOV.UK  website.