Sports development

The Gravesham Free Access for National Sports People (FANS) Scheme provides free training facilities at Cascades and Cygnet Leisure Centres for national sports people including those with disabilities.

We have implemented the FANS Scheme in Gravesham to show our commitment to encourage sporting excellence, by supporting gifted sports people in our borough.

If you would like to be considered for membership of the FANS Scheme, here are the criteria:

  • All applicants must currently be a nationally selected sports person from any sport and any age group. Evidence or confirmation of a performer's involvement at a national level will be required from the appropriate governing body of sport.
  • Athletes working towards national selection or those returning from injury will be assessed individually by the Leisure Services department for FANS membership.
  • All applicants must be a resident in Gravesham.

Membership allows free training at our facilities:

  • At off peak times
  • When there is no disruption to the facility
  • When there is no additional cost to the facility, for example floodlighting

Members will be allowed one free training partner plus their coach, if the sport requires. We may also need a FANS member to assist in the promotion of their sport.

Membership must be renewed each year. We can withdraw membership at any time.

Financial assistance for talented athletes

We have a  small budget for talented individuals within the borough in the pursuit of sporting excellence. Grants are generally given to those sports people that are competing at a regional or national level for associated support costs, such as travel expenses, coaching and equipment costs. Evidence or confirmation of a performer's achievements is required. The general maximum grant level per year is £100.

For more information on the FANS scheme or financial assistance please contact the Sports & Recreation Officer on 01474 337 806 or email