Green spaces and parks are valuable resources that hold a special place in the hearts of their communities. Not only do they offer opportunities for leisure, relaxation, and physical activity, but they also play a vital role in promoting community cohesion, enhancing physical and mental health and well-being, supporting biodiversity, and helping with climate change.

We are keen to ensure that public green spaces in Gravesham continue to deliver such benefits and becoming a Friend of Gravesham will help achieve that.

There are a range of different tasks that you can volunteer to help with, and you can select as many or as little as you like.

Do you have a space in your neighbourhood that could use some TLC? Perhaps there's an overlooked planting bed, an unloved corner, or a drab grass verge that could benefit from some colourful wildflowers and seating?

Let's work together to create beautiful, vibrant spaces that everyone can enjoy!

If you are interested in adopting an open space, please fill in our online form.