Whether you'd like to leave a compliment or make a complaint, we want to hear about your experience.

Fortunately, the high standards of vehicles and drivers in Gravesham mean that the numbers of complaints are relatively few. If you do have reason to complain, however, your complaint will be fully investigated by a licensing officer.

Leave a compliment

You can leave a compliment for a driver by emailing details to  licensing@gravesham.gov.uk

We'd love to hear from you.

Make a complaint

Where possible, the complainant's name and address will not be disclosed to the taxi driver, however, on occasions this will not be practicable.

There are various enforcement actions available to us ranging from informal action such as verbal warnings, internal penalty points and written warnings, to more formal actions such as prosecution, suspension or revocation of the licence.

Please be aware that if we decide to take legal action you may be required to appear in Court as a witness.

What information do we need?

In order to assist us with your complaint, it would be useful if you could provide the following information:

  • Vehicle plate number and/or vehicle registration number. If you did not take note of this then a full description of the vehicle hired. 'A blue saloon' will not help us trace the driver you are complaining about
  • Drivers badge number or name
  • Date/time of the incident
  • Location of the incident
  • If booked through a taxi office and details
  • Fare charged and route taken if the complaint relates to possible overcharging

The licensing team can be contacted by emailing licensing@gravesham.gov.uk