Permit Parking Area (PPA) Visitor Permit

From May 2021 we will no longer be issuing paper parking permits; instead we will issue e-permits. An e-permit is an electronic version of a paper permit. This allows the permit holder to park their vehicle on street without the need to display a physical permit in the windscreen.

  1. You will not be sent a paper permit in the post. You will receive an email confirmation stating you have an e-permit, and you will be able to start parking your vehicle once you have confirmation that your application has been processed and you have made payment. You do not need to print out or display anything in your visitors’ vehicle.
  2. Our Civil Enforcement Officers are able to check permits by entering the number plate on their handheld devices. So long as you have allocated the permit to your visitors’ vehicle and are parked correctly, they will not be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.
  3. PPA Permits have an administration fee of £15 per permit. This fee is for the processing of the application and is non-refundable.
  4. You will be able to change your personal details and update visitors’ vehicle details through your online account.
  5. The e-permit is only valid within the designated zone indicated of your e-permit; it does not entitle your visitors to park outside your property or have preferential rights over another driver parked where your visitor may wish to.
  6. Your e-permit does not entitle your visitors to any special exemption from any other restrictions within the zone such as single or double yellow lines, disabled bays, bus stops and time limited bay restrictions etc.
  7. The e-permit must be cancelled if you sell your property or cease to reside in the zone for which the e-permit has been issued. You must not sell on or pass the e-permit to the purchaser of your property or anyone else that is not a resident. We do not offer refunds under any circumstances once a permit has been issued.
  8. You will need to supply proof of residency dated within the last three months (in the form of a utility bill, bank statement, mobile phone bill or tenancy agreement) with each application. You agree to provide additional information if required to confirm residency.
  9. The purchase of an e-permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space.
  10. Visitor E-permits are limited to one per property.
  11. E-permits remain the property of Gravesham Borough Council and may be cancelled if found to be misused.
  12. I declare that the information I have given on the parking permit application form is correct and complete. I understand that I must tell you immediately of any changes in circumstances. If fraudulent applications are detected or if terms of use are breached this permit will not be valid, you and your vehicle will be subject to enforcement action.