Gravesham and Medway issue different types of vehicle licence:

  • Hackney Carriages (Taxis), which can stand on a taxi rank, be hailed in the street, or be pre-booked; either directly or through a licensed operator.
  • Private Hire vehicles, which can only be used for pre-booked journeys made through a licensed operator.
  • Restricted Private Hire Vehicles which are conditioned for specific work. Please see the relevant authority section below for further details.

Contact Requirements

All applicants must supply an email address and mobile number on which they are readily contactable. You'll need to provide these when submitting your online application.

Medway applicants who require advice on setting up an email account can obtain assistance in any Medway library

Please check your 'junk' or 'spam' mailboxes to ensure that you don't miss any emails. If you do find any emails from us in these folders, please mark them as 'safe' so that future emails are sent to your inbox.

How much does it cost?

Licence type and fee
Licence Type Cost
Gravesham £292.00 (non-refundable) Annual inspection fee included
Medway £177.00 (non-refundable) plus additional inspection fees*

* See tables of Garage Fees under the Medway applicants section below.

What you need to know

A vehicle can only be used for its intended purposes if both the vehicle and person driving it is licensed by the same authority. This means that if you intend on driving a Gravesham licensed vehicle, you will also need to apply for the relevant Gravesham Driver Licence. Similarly, if you intend on driving a Medway-licensed vehicle, you will also need to apply for the relevant Medway Driver Licence. You can apply for your vehicle and driver licence in any order, but you will need both licences to drive a Hackney, Private Hire or Restricted Hire vehicle.

For Private Hire vehicles, the company or person that private hire work (including restricted private hire work) is booked through must also hold a licence with the same authority. If you are going to work for yourself as a Private Hire or Restricted Private Hire driver, you will need to apply for a Private Hire Operator Licence to allow you to take bookings. Hackney Carriage drivers can take bookings directly without going through an Operator.

Please note that a minimum of two weeks is generally required for processing vehicle licence applications. You will need to consider the timing for your vehicle inspection.

The applicant/licence holder of a vehicle licence must match the details on the vehicle registration document. This will be checked and a licence will not be granted should they differ.

Note for existing vehicle licence holders: Failure to apply on time will delay the processing of your application which could result in you being unable to work for a period.

How do I apply/renew?

Before applying or renewing you'll need to complete the following steps. At the final step you'll be able to apply for or renew a Vehicle Licence by using our online form.