Apply for a minor variation

If you are the holder of a Club Premises Certificate and wish to make minor changes to that licence then you can apply for a 'minor variation'.

How much does it cost?

The fee is £89.

How do I apply?

  1. Download and complete an application form
  2. Submit your application form to: Licensing, Gravesham Borough Council, Civic Centre, Windmill Street, Gravesend, Kent DA12 1AU
  3. Display a notice on the premises for a period of 10 days - the Minor Variation Notice Template, and it must be printed on white paper.
  4. Pay the £89 fee using our online form

If you're making an application, there is no need to notify the Responsible Authorities of their application.

Instead, responsible authorities are involved at the request of the licensing officer who must consult with those deemed to be able to comment on the application.

There is a minor variation application process available via GOV.UK.

What happens next?

As well as responsible authorities, interested parties may make representations based on the licensing objectives and we must take them into account when determining an application. However, representations do not trigger a hearing. It is up to us to decide to grant or refuse an application and there is no right of appeal against the decision.

We will process the application and determine it within 15 working days.

The first 10 days constitute a consultation period in which interested parties may make representations to us. We will also decide whether to consult with relevant responsible authorities during this time. A determination cannot be made during the 10 day consultation period.

If we consider that a proposed minor variation application would impact adversely on the licensing objectives in any way then we must refuse the application and insist that a full variation application be submitted. This application would then be subject to the full consultation process with the potential for the application to be considered by the Licensing Panel if relevant representations are received.

Should you have any queries you can contact the licensing team by emailing