Council Tax bands

Every residential property is subject to Council Tax. Your Council Tax band is based on the size and value of your property which will determine how much Council Tax you pay.

You can challenge your band.

You can also search your postcode to find out what your property band is.

Find your Council Tax band on Valuation Office on GOV.UK

Property bands

Below is the Council Tax you will pay for properties in Gravesham by financial year (1 April - 31 March). Parishes are listed out individually.

Challenge your band

We do not set the banding of your property and can't change it. It's the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) that does this.

If you make an appeal to the VOA about your council tax band, be aware that you will need to continue making council tax payments based on your current banding. 

You can find out more about when you can challenge your band and what you need to do by visiting the government's website.

If the VOA amend the banding, we will adjust your account and send a revised notice to you showing your amended liability.

Appeal your banding

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) set the Council Tax bandings.

Challenge your band