How to apply

You will need to download and complete the RTB1 application form.

You will also need to download and complete the RTB Supplementary Application form, which is used to verify your eligibility.

Submit your application forms to us in person at the Civic Centre, or you can send by recorded post.

What happens next?

We are required to send a notice (RTB2) to you within four weeks, either admitting or denying the Right to Buy.

If the RTB is admitted, we will arrange for the property to be valued by a commercial valuer and when the valuation is received, your discount will be calculated. If you are unhappy with the valuation figure, you can request a re-valuation by the District Valuer.

No later than eight weeks after sending the RTB2 (12 weeks for flats and maisonettes), we're required to send you a Landlord's Section 125 notice. This document details the market value of the property, the discount granted, the sale price, and the terms and conditions relating to the sale. You are then required to accept or reject the offer within 12 weeks of receiving this Section 125 notice.

Further information

Further information about RTB can be found on GOV.UK

Obligations for Landlords and Tenants

There are obligations both on landlords and owners.


Are responsible for repairing the structure and exterior of the individual dwelling and the rest of the building. (This includes major works and refurbishments, as well as routine repairs and maintenance). They are also responsible for the provision of various services, such as caretaking, lighting and car parking facilities etc.


Are responsible for keeping the interior of their flats in good repair, and for contributing a reasonable share of the landlord's costs for repairs and services - the "service charge". The following estimates are provided with the offer of sale:

  • Major works and improvement costs during the first five years of the lease.
  • Other service charges, for example for the provision of caretaking, lighting, day to day repairs and car parking facilities etc.
  • Costs of remedying any known structural defects affecting the building


In the case of 1 above, the landlord cannot charge more than the estimated amount (plus inflation) for the first five years of the lease.

Right to Buy Public Bodies

Calculation of qualifying period and discount entitlement.

Periods of tenancy of a house or flat owned by any of the following public bodies (and any of their predecessors) may be counted toward the three-year qualifying period and discount entitlement for right to buy (RTB):

  • AFRC Institute for Grassland and Animal Production
  • Agricultural and Food Research Council
  • Area Electricity Boards
  • British Airports Authority
  • British Broadcasting Corporation
  • British Coal Corporation
  • British Gas Corporation
  • British Railways Board
  • British Steel Corporation
  • British Waterways Board
  • Central Electricity Generating Board
  • Church Commissioners
  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • Community Councils
  • Electricity Council
  • Fire Authorities
  • Government departments (including National Health Service properties)
  • Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England
  • Internal drainage boards
  • London Regional Transport
  • Lake District Special Planning Board
  • Lea Valley Regional Park Authority
  • Medical Research Council
  • Ministers Of The Crown
  • National Bus Company
  • National Health Service trusts
  • National Rivers Authority
  • Nature Conservancy Council for England
  • Natural Environment Research Council
  • New Town Corporations
  • Parish councils/District Councils
  • Passenger transport executives
  • Peak Park Joint Planning Board
  • Police Authorities
  • Post Office
  • Registered housing associations (including charitable housing associations and associations which do not get public funds, but not co-operative housing associations)
  • Science and Engineering Research Council
  • Secretary of State (in some circumstances)
  • Sports Council
  • Trinity House (only in its capacity as a lighthouse authority)
  • UK Atomic Energy Authority
  • Urban Development Corporations
  • Water authorities

And various other public bodies peculiar to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.