Air quality management areas

The areas are:

  • A2 Trunk Road AQMA for Nitrogen dioxide
  • Northfleet Industrial Area AQMA for Particulate Matter (PM10)
  • A226 One-way system in Gravesend for Nitrogen dioxide NO2
  • B262/B261 Pelham Arms Junction for Nitrogen dioxide NO2
  • A227/B261 Wrotham Road/Old Road West Junction for Nitrogen dioxide NO2.
  • The Echo Junction Area incorporating the junction of Parrock Road, (B261) Old Road East, Whitehill Road, Sun Lane and Cross Lane East and
  • The Parrock Street Area incorporating the stretch of Parrock Street from the point at which Parrock Street crosses the railway southwards to the junction of Christ Church Road and also Lord Street from its junction with Parrock Street to its junction with Windmill Street.

For maps of these areas please view the below document

The declaration of the above AQMAs and the adoption of the Action Plans and Strategy has enabled us to make excellent progress improving air quality within the declared areas for local residents and visitors. This has been achieved by working with partners including Kent County Council, Kent County Highways, Highways Agency and the Environment Agency.

Many actions have been undertaken to date which include:

  • The realignment of the A2 Trunk road away from the residential areas
  • Variable messaging signage to give real-time numbers of car parking spaces to those looking for town centre parking
  • Co-ordination of various traffic signals at junctions on a particular route to improve the flow and reduce congestion
  • Provision of bus priority measures to assist the improvement of public transport in the town centre
  • Improved cycle routes
  • Provision of the Fast Track bus route from Gravesend to Dartford via Ebbsfleet Station.
  • The closure of the Northfleet cement works has also improved air quality in the area.