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7. Corporate performance

Ensuring we deliver the right things at the right time for the local community.

Why we report

We have an effective and transparent Performance Management Framework (PMF), enabling local residents proper scrutiny of progress towards our key policy objectives and accountability in how successfully we're administering our resources.

Elected Cabinet Members are ultimately accountable for the performance of the council with each having responsibility for one broad area of our work; a 'portfolio'. In delivering their portfolio of work, Cabinet Members regularly meet with senior council officers to discuss a variety of issues, including those relating to the on-going performance of council services.

How we report

In order to effectively scrutinise our performance, each of the Cabinet Committees receive a quarterly performance report setting out the latest position against the Corporate Plan's key policy commitments, and associated performance indicators, that fall within the relevant committee portfolio. Our performance monitoring processes are administered in line with the standards set out in our adopted Data Quality Policy.

What we report

In line with this policy, you can view a summary of our latest quarterly performance outturns via the document below:

Cabinet Q4 2017-18 - Performance Update

In addition to the Cabinet Committee reports, performance information is published to our Your Borough publications, complemented by supporting articles detailing how our work is delivering for the community. The latest Your Borough publication can be found below:

Finally, alongside the quarterly performance monitoring reports we also produce an Annual Report to complete our performance reporting process. To view the latest report please view our Annual Performance Report page.

For more information on our key policy objectives and commitments please view our Corporate Plan page.