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What happens if you don’t pay?

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

4. Enforcement agents

Enforcement Agents, or, as you might know them, bailiffs, have the power to take your goods. This means that they can seize your possessions and sell them to raise enough money to pay off the outstanding council tax bill.

They will also need to cover their own fees. To start with, the Enforcement Agents write to you and charge a compliance fee of £75. It is very important that you do not ignore their letters. If you do, you might end up having to pay extra fees to them.

Unless the Enforcement Agent has been instructed incorrectly we won't ask them to pass the case back to us. This is because we have already given you an opportunity to make an arrangement with us by sending an income and expenditure form.

Body cameras

From March 2016 our Enforcement Agents have been using 'Body Worn Cameras' to record their visits. If you are visited by an Enforcement Agent they will confirm that they are wearing a camera and that they are recording. You can request that they turn off the camera but it should be remembered that a recording can protect your interests as well, because it will provide an accurate record of what happened during the visit.

Our Enforcement Agents will also turn off their cameras in situations where children or vulnerable people are present. The cameras will enable us to carefully monitor our Enforcement Agent's actions and help us to investigate any complaints you may have.

The Enforcement Agent will switch their camera on, even if permission has been withdrawn, if they are threatened, abused or subject to insinuation or inappropriate behaviour. In such circumstances the Enforcement Agent will also withdraw from the situation.

Any camera footage will not:

  • be viewed by anyone without permission.
  • be altered in any way.
  • be shared with anyone other than the Police, Gravesham Borough Council or Courts.

Our Enforcement Agents are not obliged to provide you with a copy of the recording as they are collecting a local taxation scheme which is excluded from the provision of the Data Protection Act 1998. If you want to see the recording then you can write to the enforcement agents and request this. They will then explain to you how your can view the recording or why you cannot.

For more information read the Action by Enforcement Agents information page.


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