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Your estate

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

2. Aims and objectives

Our overall aim is to ensure estate services are provided to residents to enable them to have a quiet enjoyment of their homes in a safe and secure environment that they can take pride in. We aim to ensure that standards on council managed estates become more focused and transparent.

The specific objectives of the Estate Management Policy are:

  • Develop a pro-active approach to the management of our properties, estates and neighbourhood
  • Manage the environment around our properties and communal areas effectively
  • Ensure that all residents are aware of their respective responsibilities
  • Set appropriate estate management standards and to measure performance and tenant satisfaction
  • Deliver a service which is proactive, responsive and provides excellent value for money

The council's commitment

A clean and tidy estate means a lot to residents. It is important to have clear standards as to what they can expect. The Council is committed to making sure residents have estates that are clean and cared for, safe and secure and in a good state of repair.

To meet the objectives the Council will keep estates:

Clean and cared for

The estate will have regular cleaning and prompt clearance of rubbish, graffiti and fly tipping.  To create an environment where residents have a strong sense of ownership over their estates, with high levels of respect for one another.

Safe and Secure

The estate will have very high standards of fire safety, where any anti-social behaviour is tackled, where estates are well lit, and where matters arising from health and safety issued are dealt with promptly

Good state of repair

Blocks will be maintained and repaired within the promised timescales. With residents being able to report and book a ‘caretaker’ job in the same way they would a repair.

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