Estate car parks

Car parks

Car parks are designed for residents’ use only. Where there is provision then visitors’ spaces will be allowed. All vehicles parking within our car park must have current valid road tax and be roadworthy. Where practical, controlled car parking schemes will be introduced across estates to minimise non-resident parking.

The parking of lorries is not permitted without first obtaining written permission from the Council.

Abandoned vehicles and car parks

An abandoned vehicle is a vehicle which doesn’t have a known owner.  If a vehicle is road legal, is parked on the public highway and the owner tells us that it’s not abandoned, we have no power to remove this vehicle.

We will only investigate a vehicle as abandoned when it meets certain criteria. Find out about types of issues and how to report an abandoned vehicle. An officer will inspect the vehicle within 5 working days and if deemed as abandoned, depending on its condition, we can issue three types of notices of removal:

  • 24 hour notice
  • 7 day notice
  • 15 day notice

These notices will give the owner of the vehicle the specified period of time to remove it. If it’s not removed by the expiry date/time of the notice the vehicle will be removed.