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Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

7. Gardens and grounds

We will ensure that work is undertaken on a routine basis to ensure that communal grounds on housing estates are maintained to a good standard. Grounds maintenance will take place between March and October weather permitting with the inclusion of strimming, shrub pruning, weed control, litter picking and footpath clearance.

Communal gardens are for the enjoyment of all residents who have a right to access them. There must be no fences, barriers, locks or obstructions put in communal gardens that stop residents accessing the area. Residents must not use the communal gardens for their own use (i.e. – planting shrubs and beds) unless agreement is given in writing.

Communal grass cutting

Communal grass will be cut 8 times each year between the months of March and November which works out to 1 cut a month during the growing season. This operation will include a litter pick, grass cut, strim round the obstacles and clearance of cut grass from paths and footways.

Weed killing /application of herbicide will be kept to a minimum and only used when necessary.  When herbicide is used, weeds are spot treated rather than blanket sprayed to reduce the amount of glyphosate used.

Communal shrubs

All communal shrubbed areas will be cut back and cleared of litter once a year during the winter months. During the spring and summer months, shrubs will be pruned back off paths and below windows on an ad-hoc basis as required.

Tree maintenance

Tree maintenance works will be carried out as required generally during the winter months outside of the bird nesting season. Tree works that can’t be done in-house will be sub-contracted out although works will only take place if trees are dead, dying, diseased or dangerous.

Play areas

Play areas owned by the Council will be maintained and regularly inspected to ensure they are safe to use.

A weekly inspection will take place to check and remove litter and dangerous items etc. This includes checking the equipment's basic condition, and for any faults due to recent vandalism etc. This is recorded by the Park Rangers who carry out these checks and will report any issues.

A quarterly Operational Inspection examines the play equipment in more detail, identifying any issues resulting from wear or vandalism. This is carried out by our own in-house Play Inspectors who are qualified operational inspectors.

An annual Independent Inspection by an RPII accredited inspector.  This is a thorough independent check of all the equipment and it is assessed in accordance with BS EN 1176, 2008 and November 2017.

From time to time assessments will take place to establish the demand of the play areas. If an assessment identifies a redundant play area, we will consult with the affected residents and take the appropriate action.


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