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Your estate

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

4. Resident responsibilities

To achieve consistently high standards on an estate, it is essential residents and the Council work together.

Residents have their own part to play in ensuring the estate is kept at its best. You have to comply with your responsibilities for maintaining in good condition surrounding the estate, as well as their own individual property. In doing so, residents must respect the rights of their neighbours and surrounding community, as laid down in their tenancy agreement.

Residents must:

  • help keep communal areas clean
  • Use bins appropriately and clean up own rubbish
  • Correct dispose of bulky items and household waste, such as booking bulky collection or book a slot for the tip
  • Be responsible dog owners, keeping dogs on leads where appropriate and cleaning dog fouling
  • Not causing damage to, or littering in, communal areas
  • Being a good neighbour and reporting concerns.

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