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Gambling Premises Licence

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

1. Overview

For betting, gaming and other types of gambling there are three types of licence required:

  • Operating Licence – concerned with the management and conduct of gambling
  • Personal Licence – for persons with key operational functions connected with the gambling business
  • Premises Licence – for the property where the gambling takes place

Operating and Personal Licences are issued and regulated by the Gambling Commission, but we are the licensing authority for Premises Licences.

A Premises Licence is required for any premises where it is intended to provide gambling facilities.

The Premises Licence types are:

  • Bingo Premises licence
  • Adult Gaming Centre Premises licence
  • Family Entertainment Centre Premises licence
  • Betting Premises licence
  • Track Betting
  • Casino Premises licence (please note that we passed a 'No Casinos' resolution as allowed under Section 166 of the Act)


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