Find application forms for Driver Licence, Vehicle Licence and Operator Licence.

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  • Driver Licence

    A step-by-step guide to apply for a Driver Licence. For Taxi (Hackney Carriage), Private Hire and Restricted Private Hire. Alternatively, find information on how to re-grade your existing licence.

  • Vehicle Licence

    To work as a Hackney, Private Hire or Restricted Private Hire driver your vehicle needs to be licensed. Find out how to apply for, renew, transfer or re-grade a Vehicle Licence.

  • Operator Licence

    If you'd like to accept Private Hire bookings, you'll need an Operator Licence. Find out how to apply for or renew a licence.

  • Knowledge Test

    Book your place on the Knowledge Test using our online form. View our rules and guidance before applying.

  • Replace a Taxi/Private Hire licence, badge or plate

    Use our online form to order a replacement paper part licence, photocard badge or vehicle plate.

  • Update your Taxi/Private Hire licence

    Use our online form to let us know about any changes (such as a change of name or address), as your licence(s) will need to be reprinted.

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