Request a litter pick

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

Our street cleaning team is playing a part in getting our borough clean and tidy. We have a team of workers who work throughout the borough on a daily basis clearing litter. They clean the following areas:

  • The town centre every day of the week
  • Local shopping parades every Monday to Saturday
  • Main roads at least once a week
  • Residential streets are litter picked either weekly or fortnightly the working day after refuse collection

Requesting a litter pick

If you would like to request a litter pick please use our online form.

We're not responsible for:

  • Clearing private land including alleys, although we can take action against land owners
  • Maintenance of roads and footpaths for example pot holes or cracked slabs
  • Spraying of weeds or maintenance of trees in the road or on footpaths.

For these you'll need to contact Kent County Council and use their reporting tool.


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