Fly-tipping and littering

Report fly-tipping (illegal rubbish dumping)

Graffiti and flyposting

We are responsible for removing graffiti from public buildings, street furniture or monuments. Report graffiti

Abandoned vehicles

Find out how to report an abandoned vehicle.

Street cleaning

Find information about our street cleaning regime and reporting concerns.

Litter and dog bins

Find out how to report an overflowing/broken litter or dog bin or request a new bin to be installed.

Environmental crime

Find out how we enforce against environmental crime including fixed-penalty notices against offences.

Dog fouling

We have a responsibility to clear up dog or animal mess from the public highway. Report dog or animal mess.

Trees and hedges

Find out what trees and hedges we're responsible for in the borough and how to report issues.

Grass, weeds and leaves

Find out more about clearance of weeds and leaves, plus grass cutting.

Dead animals

Find out how to report a dead animal to us.

Street champions

Find out how to become a Street Champion and adopt a street in your area.

Ways to get rid of your rubbish

Need to get rid of unwanted items? Find out about bulky waste service, the tip, or donating to charity.